Neural Capital
Systematic Trend Strategy

A  diversification for investment portfolios 

Our philosophy: what we believe

The future cannot be predicted

Financial markets are riskier than most participants appreciate

The behavioural patterns of humans are consistent and pervasive

Our strategy: how we do it

We apply a scientific approach to financial markets to formulate investment strategies that are repeatable, accurate and seek to eliminate investment bias.

Over the years we have developed a disciplined and systematic investment process which attempts to exploit the behavioural features of a diversified portfolio of liquid futures contracts.

Combined with our long-term trading experience, hard-won insights, tireless dedication and highly personal approach to service, we strive to achieve double digit absolute returns.

Your benefits

An investment managed by Neural Capital provides a host of benefits, including:

  • a more diverse portfolio with uncorrelated returns
  • unparalleled liquidity
  • a unique set of financial market exposures
  • an alternative investment thesis, not based on fundamental models

Our Team

Patrick de Villiers

Patrick de Villiers | Principal

Patrick graduated with a Master’s degree in Solid State Physics in 1994. He joined the graduate development programme of an investment bank and was appointed global head of Currency Derivatives and Trading in 1999.

Brett Venter

Brett Venter | Principal

Brett graduated with a chemical engineering degree in 1997 and joined an investment bank where he was ultimately responsible for foreign exchange volatility trading.

In 2004, Patrick and Brett established Neural Capital as they set out to create a systematic financial trading company that seeks to produce diversified returns in global futures markets.


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